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My name is Carlos A. Contreras and I was born and raised in Peru, I came to the United States in 2008 and have adopted this country as my own. I am grateful I have become a part of this land and culture because it has provided me with so much, and as a way to say thank you it has become my duty to use my knowledge and expertise in fitness to help individuals here in this country live healthier more fulfilling lives. My fitness journey began as Martial Artist and  attending bootcamp fitness  classes. I quickly developed a passion for fitness and a great interest to reach people and share the benefits of living healthier. Logically, becoming a Personal Trainer and get some form of nutrition education was the next step. I currently hold a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Strong First Level 1 Precision Nutrition 1, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, FAI Functional Aging Specialist, Original Strength level 1, Turbulence Training Level 1, KIPS mace training,  and currently working on more. I created Fire Fitness because of the well reception that my clients have had to my approach of training, they get amazing results and enjoy every single aspects of it. Taking all this into consideration it has become my duty and my obligation to reach as many people as I can so that  I can help them live better healthier lives. As strainer and having been more than 6 years in the industry, I feel that theres no better way to get results  and help people change their lives than truly individualizing their training by  prioritizing their goals and expectations. I really enjoy training people and designing programs to get them to their goals safely and in a timely manner, I find great reward in seeing them change their bodies and their lives as they go through the process. I’ve been traveling around the U.S. working person to person with the most successful fitness experts to make sure my clients get the best training and nutrition coaching possible.

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